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In solidarity towards Safe Environment and Reducing the Dry waste in the middle of the roads, CAN YOUTH came up with a new initiative to install the mini dustbins in auto rikshaws at Dimapur Town, Nagaland to sensitize the passengers from throwing waste while riding in auto rikshaws. The dustbins also designed by CAN YOUTH Team in such a way where it dont disturbs both the driver and passengers. The Installation of Mini Dustbins was Launched on 22nd May. This Initiative was collaborated with Better Dimapur Project under Dimapur Municipal Council and Dimapur District Auto Drivers Union. On The First Phase 20 Mini Dustbin were installed in 20 Auto rikshaws along with Badge for Drivers to wear which mention ‘ I Pledge for Better & Cleaner Dimapur’. The 2nd Phase will covered 50 Auto rikshaws in 2nd Week of June.




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