Rita comes from a land naturally beautiful and full of mineral rich West Jaintia hills of Meghalaya state. West Jaintia hills was bifurcated from West Jaintia Hills district on 31st July 2012 keeping Jowai as its headquarter. Although the mainstay of the district is agriculture, abundance of limestone and coal contribute significantly towards the livelihood of people. But unfortunately the trade of limestone and coal involving migration of people from the Indian states of Gujarat, Punjab Bihar and also from the countries of Bagladesh, Myanmar, and Thailand to this part of the state have caused economic development as well as social turbulence. Increasing number of wine shops, drug peddling and sex trade are adding woe to social relationships.

As per the Civil ART (Anti Retroviral Therapy) Statistics of October 31, 2016, Jaintia Hills have a total Pre-ART registration of 2388, 1568 are on ART, those alive on ART are 1146 and there are a total of 119 children living with HIV. According to NACO Jaintia (East and West) Hills have been included in the list of 20 districts across the country which needed immediate attention in as far as curbing the spread of HIV epidemic is concerned.

Rita wants to focus of the Home care of the children abandoned and orphaned by HIV/AIDS and that her team will take special care for their psychological and physical needs by providing medical treatment and high nutritious diet. she says “there may not be a cure for AIDS yet, but we still have the power to help rewrite the future of these innocent children infected and affected with HIV”.

Rita holds this PASSION very dearly because her brother ignited this fire when he died out of the dreaded HIV and we believe Youth Involve fellowship will take her far ahead to reach her dream – No child shall die or born with HIV/AIDS in Jaintia Hills.

All the best to Rita Suchiang!!

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