Krishna is coming from Naukachari, a multicultural diverse region of Jorhat district of Assam. People from the communities of Manipuri, Naga, Adivasi and Ahom live here in peace and harmony. Here in prevails an agrarian economy and men considered as the lone bread earner of the family.

Traditionally, men hold the audacity to participate in and political activities, express their views and contribute towards achieving social mileage of the community. Women engage in household chores and remain depended on their husbands.

Krishna envisions for a community where women especially the economically backward are self-reliant and more confident in dealing with day-today affairs of their life. She wants to put her whole efforts in helping these women to develop entrepreneurial skills on food processing and use them to build their lives. Although mobilizing women and make them understand their potential to become an entrepreneur are difficult tasks, Krishna says “for Youth Involve to believe in me was a great comfort. I believe, I am not alone”.

To that confidence, We, the Youth Involve family offers all kinds of support and wishes.

Good Luck Krishna!!

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