Botoshe belongs to the Lazami community of Zunheboto district of Nagaland. The land in Lazami community is divided according to the clan. In spite of having plenty of personal land each Lazami family has access to common clan land in the Sumi region of Zunheboto. Though people practice shifting cultivation for sustenance, parents take good care in providing education to their children. The land is also suitable for cultivating Yam, Ginger, Sweet Potato, Pumkin, Sqash, Bean and Tapioca.

Women in Lazami community is very active. They form groups and inter-groups to exchange their work during cultivation and social activities. Most women as individual or in group contribute to the economy of the family.

Relatively higher level of education and lack of awareness about dignity of labor have pushed the Lazami youth to believe that government job can only give them status and value in life. This situation has led to the waste of talents and skills of young people and hence the land is thrown into under development.

Botoshe wants to  connect all the rural young people in his region to flush out their ideas and energy to create employment rather than waiting for government job. He wants enhance and utilize the entrepreneurial skills of young people in the Sumi region.

Bountiful wishes and prayers for Botoshe as he journeys with us in Youth Involve social initiative fellowship during the year 2017 – 19 and many more years ahead.

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