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falling BUT risen up…
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Journey start with different thoughts,different plans. To learn new things,able to work and understand more about oneself and others. But in every journey we might expect the best of the best to happen.... Read More

Climb the peak and brush aside fear
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Everyone’s life is driven by something. There are hundreds of circumstances and emotions that is driven our life. I feel that my life is driven by fear and these fears may be a... Read More

story telling with the senior citizens
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Visit to MUP headquarters.This headquarters was formed on 12.7.1957 with groups of senior citizens.We coducted a program based on the theme of story telling.Talking circles sharing about their lives.Talking from the heart,speaking from... Read More

5th Space – my space for my development
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As always envisage the Shom-in(Young People’s Parliament) as an institution for leadership building through 5th Space, we are happy to share that what we visualized has become crystal clear/real picture when the shom-in... Read More

Hoping for better society
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As i started working for senior citizens,stepping into this field i gained lots of experience.Moving out from my comfort zone and dive into the wilderness of my intuition,it moulds me and shaped me... Read More

Lets hear from the Youth Involve Fellows of Bosco Institute to inspire one another in serving others.