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Celebrate Imperfection
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Yesterday (7th August 2016) the I semester students of MSW went to this tea garden for their first theatre performance. As the people were gathering, the third semester students started a group dance... Read More

A space to express
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MY SMALL PROJECT NAMED AS RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PARENTS AND CHILDREN This project is taken in a slum area named as BASKAR NAGAR. In this project am basically trying to find whether the children... Read More

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Listening; Yes! Again! Looks like all my recent learnings and reflections are on listening. In my previous blog I wrote about listening to others and today I want to write about listening to... Read More

A little bit more…
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The mind is so restless at times. It wants to reach somewhere but scares the start. No kickass motivating lines work, not even the best of food feels tasty anymore. Such is a... Read More

Lives to my life
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As I walk along with CAN Youth volunteering, I met Zavekho and I listen to him……   Zavekho Tetseo a 29 years young school dropout due to financial constraint lives in Bade village,... Read More

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SUCCESS STORY  Mrs. Hatnu Hangshing is a mother of two sons with no source of income. Her husband is a cultivator by profession. She was just a house wife. Hatnu hardly had a... Read More

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