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One Step Ahead
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After one year of Youth Involve journey, Full Life Access Trust (FLAT) main vision is to co-create a safe space with young people where they can explore themselves, so that they can contribute... Read More

Genetic disorder!
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These days Indian media is full of the ‘Act of Valor’ by Indian armed forces in Pakistan and the politics around it. I understand that every country has the right to self defense... Read More

The Journey Continues
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On 28 August Rini and Sunny of Serendip Guardians and Jenpu Rongmei of CAN Youth completed their fellowship. So did Kankana, Pratima, Dipak and Lawrence. Congratulations to all of them for successfully completing... Read More

Celebrate Imperfection
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Yesterday (7th August 2016) the I semester students of MSW went to this tea garden for their first theatre performance. As the people were gathering, the third semester students started a group dance... Read More

A space to express
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MY SMALL PROJECT NAMED AS RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PARENTS AND CHILDREN This project is taken in a slum area named as BASKAR NAGAR. In this project am basically trying to find whether the children... Read More

Lets hear from the Youth Involve Fellows of Bosco Institute to inspire one another in serving others.