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The better the doing than the saying. Football field was once exclusively for boys. Tradition/culture doesn’t allow girls to own the field. It’s a taboo for a girl to go against the culture.... Read More

CAN Youth moving ahead
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this year 2017 from March has been a wonderful and excitement for CAN Youth, we build a more and strong relationship with many local organizations, stake holders and Youth. CAN Youth has got... Read More

8th Youth Involve review meeting!
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8th Youth Involve fellowship review meeting was conducted at Bosco Institute from 2 – 7 May 2017. Master trainer Mr.Anto Vincent facilitated a workshop on ‘Emotional freedom technique’ with 22 participants. The YI... Read More

Unseen Battle
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Some battles in life are seen but some are unseen. Experiencing unseen battles every day from many angles of life was never easy, as it is like increasing scars on our body. We... Read More

How it feels to fly high
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In the last few months, I tried to soar high up in the sky to see how it feels like. I used to follow my instincts. During a few such instances, I had... Read More

Lets hear from the Youth Involve Fellows of Bosco Institute to inspire one another in serving others.